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Seduction Cinema hottie Darian Caine stars in this spoof of Sex and the City. I’m not exactly sure how close it sticks to the show because I’ve never seen it (although my wife did drag me to the awful movie), but I think it’s somewhat accurate. Mostly it’s about this circle of friends who blab about their sex life before they run out and have sex with hot girls. I’m guessing therein lies the difference. In the show, Sarah Jessica Horseface was all about Mr. Big. Here, Darian Caine is all about Ms. Pink.

One thing you should know about Hot Naked Sex and the City before you think about watching it is that all of the sex scenes are either Girl on Girl or Solo Girl scenes. So if you’re looking for variety here, you may be disappointed. On top of that, they all kind of blur together and are more or less interchangeable, but that’s a minor complaint; especially considering you get a whopping eleven scenes in 76 minutes. We get eight Girl on Girl scenes, two Solo Girl scenes, and one Striptease scene. That’s an impressive total for any Skinamax movie if you ask me.

And I’m happy to report that Darian Caine is still looking good after over a decade in the Skinamax game. She’s pretty hot in her sex scenes, although she doesn’t fare nearly as well in her comic relief scenes. That’s not really her fault though because the narration she’s given is pretty shrill and most of the jokes just aren’t very funny.

Although the bulk of the sex scenes aren’t very memorable, there is at least one excellent baby oil breast massage scene. And I don’t mean the gal massages baby oil on a chick’s breasts. I mean she pours baby oil all over her own breasts before rubbing her boobs all over the other chick. It’s definitely a classic. Because of that, Hot Naked Sex and the City gets a marginal recommendation from me.

Best line: “I’m going to kick you so hard in the cooter your nipples are gonna explode!”

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