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POD PEOPLE (1983) *

You know, when the director of Pieces makes an E.T. rip-off, you just expect more.

Pod People tells the story of Trumpy, an alien who comes to Earth and snorts peanuts up his snout the way Bret Easton Ellis characters snort coke. Trumpy is befriended by a little annoying brat named Tommy who feeds him all kinds of junk food. Meanwhile, some poachers destroy a bunch of alien eggs, which pisses off Trumpy’s mom something fierce. She then goes around the fog enshrouded forest killing humans indiscriminately. While all this is going on; a crappy music group comes to stay at Tommy’s house and their assorted groupies and hangers-on get killed by the homicidal extra-terrestrial.

Man, where do you even start with this one? Pod People is a movie that suffers from an extreme identity crisis. It can never figure out if it wants to be an E.T. knockoff, a straight-up horror movie, or a goddamn musical. It takes forever for the various plot threads to intersect and once they finally do, I can’t really assure you that you’ll give a shit.

To make matters worse, just about every scene that takes place in the wilderness is completely covered in fog, effectively obscuring any alleged action. On top of that, nearly every other scene solely revolves around someone getting lost so the other characters have to walk around aimlessly looking for them while shouting their names endlessly. Seriously, how can you go from making Pieces, one of the all-time greats, to this shit?

I will say that some of Trumpy’s antics are pretty funny. There’s a great scene where he inexplicably makes the toys in Tommy’s room come to life and fly around. But my favorite bit was the band’s truly awful song. Once that gets stuck in your head, it’ll stay there for days.

Special Note: There are no pods in this movie.

AKA: ETV. AKA: Extraterrestrial Visitors. AKA: Tales of Trumpy. AKA: The New Extraterrestrials. AKA: The Return of E.T. AKA: The Unearthling. AKA: Visitor.

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