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How could I possibly go through an entire month of watching Skinamax movies without watching a Sylvia Kristel movie?

Eric Brown is this rich bratty kid who gets a new sexy housekeeper played by Kristel. When his father goes away on business, he immediately starts lusting after her. She eventually lets him watch her get naked and pretty soon they’re having a sexual relationship. But their love is soon put to the test when the sleazy chauffeur (Howard Hesseman) ropes Eric into a blackmail scheme.

Private Lessons is very enjoyable for about the first hour or so as the relationship between Brown and Kristel is somewhat moving (albeit somewhat illegal). Their scenes together hit some notes of authenticity and ring true more often than not (like the part where he brags to his fat friend about scoring with her when he really ran out of the room as soon as he saw her naked). It’s just a shame that the third act involving the chauffer’s scam to cheat Brown out of his trust fund is so damned ho-hum. It also doesn’t help that this chunk of the movie is pretty dull and not very funny.

Overall we get five sex scenes within an 86 minute span. There are two Guy on Girl scenes, one Peeping Tom scene, one Undressing scene, and one Bubble Bath scene. Despite the fact that the sex scenes only occur every 17 minutes, I must say that they are all more or less steamy. I only take issue with the hot disrobing scene which is ruined by the fact that someone blurred out Kristel’s nether regions.

Kristel is hot as ever and her exquisite beauty is pretty much the only reason to watch it. She looks damn fine in and out of her clothes and her acting ain’t too shabby either. I just wish the movie lived up to her level of sexiness.

Special Note: This movie was produced by game show tycoons Barry and Enright and features cinematography by Jan de Bont.

Well folks, that’s gonna wrap it up for Skinamax-A-Palooza. Join us next month when the next Palooza will be: El Santo-A-Palooza!

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