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A young girl’s mom gets killed by a hit-and-run driver on the eve of her 18th birthday. When the autopsy reveals that she never had children, our heroine goes on a search to find more about the woman she thought was her mother for so many years. But as she gets closer to unlocking the mystery of her mother’s past, the same killer car that murdered her mama begins stalking her too.

Death in the Shadows is an efficient but relatively unexciting Dutch thriller. The central mystery is interesting enough and some of the twists work, yet the film never really cuts loose. And never once does the plot ever rise above the level of a competent Lifetime Movie. We do however get a pretty good sex scene where our heroine bangs her boyfriend on her 18th birthday though. She also gets another fairly gratuitous topless scene later in the picture too and the scene where she visits a peep show for no good reason is kinda hot also. You won’t see that shit on Lifetime, that’s for sure.

Speaking of not seeing shit, a lot of the nighttime scenes in this movie are so dark you can’t tell what the heck is going on. This severely cuts down on the suspense, particularly during the car scenes. Had the cinematography been a little bit less murky, perhaps the car stalking scenes could’ve been a lot more intense. And the finale is pretty weak too, which further helps sink the flick.

Tags: d, thriller

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