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Beau Bridges and Bubba Smith star in this ho-hum Mismatched Buddy Cop Movie directed by Beau himself. Bridges plays Agent By the Book and Smith is Detective Plays By His Own Rules. Right away you can be sure of three things: 1) Their personalities are going to be as different as night and day. 2) Their loudmouth captain will chew them out any chance he can get. 3) They’ll have to put their differences aside and learn how to work together to solve the case.

If you can’t already tell, The Wild Pair is by the numbers. Whenever it’s mired in Buddy Cop Movie clichés, it’s a bit of a slog. However, now and then it breaks out of the mold and gives us a glimmer of fun. I liked the shootout set inside a XXX movie theater where Bubba ripped out a row of seats and used them as a shield. There’s also a pretty good fistfight in a strip club too.

The movie is also a little meaner than usual fare, which helps up to a point. For instance when the bad guys kill Bubba’s girlfriend, they also nail his cat to the door. The flick really needed more nasty little touches like this to really make a difference though.

Beau does an alright job behind the camera. He handles the comedic parts better than the action. That’s not to imply he drops the ball or anything. He just doesn’t do anything exemplary either. The ending is pretty weak however. I mean who did you expect to win in a fight between Bubba Smith and Lloyd Bridges?

And you know, for a movie called “The Wild Pair”, the titular duo never do anything, you know… wild.

I guess if you’ve never seen all these Buddy Cop clichés trotted out before, you might enjoy The Wild Pair. If that’s the case, you’re better off watching the Lethal Weapon series. Otherwise, The Wild Pair is about average for this sort of thing.

AKA: Hollow Point. AKA: The Devil’s Odds.

Next week’s movie: American Anthem.

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