The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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After doing an unnecessary remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre producer Michael Bay set his sights on a new Amityville.  It’s actually better than the original and has some atmospheric scenes.  Ryan Reynolds sheds his usual smartass image and is pretty intense as George Lutz.  He slowly goes nuts, kills the family dog, and tries to chop up his wife and kids with an ax.  Okay, so it’s more like The Shining than Amityville, but it’s still entertaining.  Melissa George also stars, as well as a subdued Phillip Baker Hall in the Rod Steiger role.  Director Andrew Douglas showcases his music video roots in the torture dungeon sequence.  Screenwriter Scott Kosar also wrote The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.  Bay now wants to remake The Hitcher.  Is anything sacred?

Tags: a, amityville series, horror, horror remake, remake
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