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HAWK’S VEGEANCE (1997) ** ½

Gary Daniels stars as a British marine named Hawk who comes to America to avenge the death of his half-brother. Hawk joins up with his late brother’s partner (Jayne Heitmeyer from Sci-Fighters) to find the men responsible. Together they uncover an organ harvesting plot by a villainous ex-marine.

As the plot of Hawk’s Vengeance slowly unfolds, you begin to realize that it is in fact, a sequel to Snake Eater! However, since Lorenzo Lamas’ role was recast and his character killed off two minutes into the film, it’s kind of easy to accept it on its own terms. Still though, how did the filmmakers think they could get away with killing off Soldier like that? The least they could’ve done was have Lorenzo turn up for a cameo so he could’ve passed the torch to Daniels in a proper manner.

As a Snake Eater sequel, Hawk’s Vengeance isn’t up to snuff. As a Gary Daniels vehicle, it’s a decent enough flick I suppose. The fight scenes are competent. I dug the scene where an intruder snuck into Gary’s house and beat him over the head repeatedly with a frying pan. There’s also a rather good fight involving broken mirror shards too. My favorite moment though was the scene where Daniels discourages a couple of bar patrons from hitting on Heitmeyer and threatening to leave them “crippled and toothless”.

Daniels is solid in the acting department here. On the action side of things, the film is an OK spotlight for his Kung Fu prowess. Heitmeyer, who in my opinion should’ve gone on to a better career is very good as his partner and has a couple of nice moments with Daniels. I also liked the bit where she shocked a chick using a defibrillator.

Overall, the pendulum of quality sways back and forth throughout the course of Hawk’s Vengeance. For every cool action bit, there’s an inevitable dull spot, most of which involves boring plot stuff. I will say that it deserves special merit for the scene where Daniels disguises himself as a Rabbi to get the drop on the bad guys. It’s scenes like this that make it impossible to completely dismiss this movie.

AKA: Hawke’s Revenge.

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