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The third of Amando de Ossorio’s quartet of Blind Dead films lacks the panache of its predecessors, but it’s still kinda fun. Two cute models get lost adrift in the middle of the ocean and run afoul of a mysterious ghost ship. Of course, it’s filled with The Blind Dead, who arise from their coffins and attack them. A “sporting goods magnate”, a photographer and their concerned roommate go looking for them and also become victims.

It’s pretty slow going, but it’s worth the wait once the Dead show up and do their thing. The scene where the Blind Dead dismember a chick and eat her is the only gore set piece, but it’s a good one. The lame dialogue (“I have no time to entertain your fantasies!”) and worse dubbing provides some amusement as well, and the shot of the obvious model ship burning is pretty hilarious. The climax however is well done and atmospheric, with the final shot of The Dead rising up from the water actually predating the zombies in Shock Waves by three years.

AKA: The Ghost Galleon. AKA: Zombie Flesh Eaters. AKA: Ghost Ship of the Blind Dead. AKA: Ship of Zombies.
Tags: blind dead series, h, horror, zombie
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