The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

HOUSE OF THE DEAD (2003) ***

Director Uwe Boll is a madman. His crazy camerawork rips off not only The Matrix, but even the video game this is based on. There’s even footage from the video game spliced into the movie! The whole plot is this: Teenagers go to a rave on an island in the middle of nowhere and get attacked by zombies. The great Jurgen Prochnow stars as the crusty seaman Captain Kirk, and Clint Howard is on board as his first mate. If the scene where Prochnow blows himself up with dynamite doesn’t have you laughing, the dialogue will. My favorite line was for the back story of the mad scientist who created the zombies. “He was an evil Spaniard… from Spain!” With Johnathan (Final Destination 2) Cherry and Ellie (Halloween 4) Cornell (who also co-produced) and a wonderfully bad rap song. Boll did Alone in the Dark (also based on a video game) next.
Tags: based on a video game, h, horror, uwe boll, zombie
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