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The TV network NGT (“National Genital Television”) broadcasts their new show, “Maiden Game”, which is basically an all-nude version of The Dating Game. Before long, the game show gets busted by the cops for obscenity. The network is then taken to court and they try to defend their nudie show.

Filthiest Show in Town is essentially a porno movie without the porn. Even the worst pornos with the worst plots and the worst acting have SOME decent XXX action. But with this film, you have to sit through all the plot stuff and horrid acting without the benefit of being rewarded with hardcore footage.

While a nudie version of The Dating Game isn’t the worst idea for a skin flick, the show is full of awful jokes, terrible puns, and tons of excruciating double talk. Most sex comedies are filled with double entendres, but this movie can’t even muster a single entendre. Heck, it’s more like a half entendre.

There are also some commercial parodies sprinkled throughout, but again, none of them are funny. There are some stretches where the film feels like a Kentucky Fried Movie rip-off. Minus the laughs, of course.

As unfunny as the game show and commercial scenes are, they’re at least watchable and feature some nudity. The courtroom sequences (and calling them “sequences” is being charitable) are a different story. They are downright painful to watch. And incredibly, they take up more screen time than the game show stuff.

Harry Reems (minus his trademark moustache) co-stars as one of the contestants, but even he can’t save this shit-fest.

AKA: The Naughtiest Show in Town. AKA: The Sexiest Show in Town. AKA: The Wickedest Show in Town.

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