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Pete (Die Screaming Marianne) Walker directed this dreary twist on women in prison movies. When a model is caught naked in public for a publicity stunt, she’s let off easy by a London judge. She meets a swinging cat at a party and on their second date he convinces her to go meet his mom. He doesn’t mention that mom just happens to run a private hellhole prison that specializes in imprisoning tarts that the London courts fail to punish.

After that potentially interesting set-up, Walker manages to squander this sound premise by severely under lighting nearly every scene so you can hardly tell what the hell’s going on half the time. The Cockney accents don’t help either, nor does the suspicious lack of T & A & S & M. It’s also way too long to boot and features too many supporting characters. Besides the Bardot look alike Frenchie, all the other female characters are as butch as all get out and couldn’t turn on a light switch. The only good line of dialogue is “I’ll make you ashamed of your body!”, though I think Walker should be ashamed of his body of work.

Shawshank Redemption it is not.

AKA: Photographer’s Models.
Tags: h, horror, women in prison
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