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BAIT (2012) **

A supermarket in Australia is in the midst of being robbed when a tsunami hits. The crashing waves immediately flood the store and instantly kill most of the people inside. The few survivors keep their head above water by climbing on top of shelves in the grocery aisles. But they are not alone. Much to their horror, the survivors discover that a man-eating shark is in the store too. As they try to work together to escape the store, the shark more than eagerly gobbles up anyone unfortunate enough to fall into the water.

I have to admit that the premise of Bait is rather ingenious. Think Shark Night Meets The Mist. I mean if Snakes on a Plane was awesome, then Sharks in a Supermarket should’ve been gangbusters. Unfortunately, the flick is undone by some flat characters, clumsy plotting, and shady CGI effects. (The CGI shark is OK, the CGI blood is bad, and the CGI waves are even worse.)

I think the film would’ve benefitted from some stronger performances. Julian McMahon is the only “star” here and even then, he doesn’t really have a big part and he doesn’t get much to do. The cast of unknowns can’t handle the heavy lifting and as a result, Bait is a long 90 minutes.

The film has a couple of decent gore moments. There’s a rotor to the face, a guy bit in half, and lots of mutilated bodies. But Bait is hampered by lots of dull scenes in between the shark attacks. And some parts are just too fucking ridiculous for words (like when the one guy makes a DIY shark cage out of shopping carts). And I don’t mean that in a good way exactly.

Basically Bait feels like an Australian variation of the usual SYFY Channel Original nonsense. If you have to watch every single CGI shark attack movie ever made, you may enjoy it. It’s just a damn shame the flick never lives up to its inspired premise.

AKA: Shark 3-D.

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