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I got this movie off of Netflix because the DVD box looked cool. (It had two chicks lying on a sofa covered in blood.) It also didn’t hurt that the director, Jee-won Kim is doing Arnold’s latest flick, so I figured I’d give it a shot to see what he’s all about. But as it turns out, A Tale of Two Sisters is just another one of those Japanese horror films about a ghost girl on a bad hair day haunting somebody.

The two titular sisters go to live with their dad and his kooky new wife. Pretty soon, they start seeing ghosts and no one believe them. The one sister pretty much flips her shit over the whole thing and winds up in a mental institution.

A Tale of Two Sisters is a mostly dull slog of a movie. There is one good moment where a hand comes out from in between the ghost girl’s legs, but that’s about it. Since most of the shock moments just revolve around hands appearing from out of nowhere (like the sink), it all gets a bit repetitive after a while.

Also, if you’ve seen plenty of horror films in your time (like I have) you’ll be able to predict the big plot “twist” of the flick (like I did). The thing is, when the big reveal finally happens, the movie still isn’t over. If it just ended right there, it would’ve been a tolerable 75 minute movie, but it goes on for another 35 minutes. Why? I have no idea.

The film was later remade as The Uninvited. I haven’t seen that one yet. Because Elizabeth Banks plays the loony tunes stepmother, I may have to check it out sometime.

AKA: Two Sisters.

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