The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

UNTAMED WOMEN (1951) * ½

While on an expedition in Africa, a hunter finds a nearly unconscious man. He relates a bunch of flashbacks about finding an alluring woman who lives deep in the jungle. The hunter eventually decides that hunting snatch is a lot more fun than hunting animals, so they go out looking for her. Together they discover an entire tribe of white women in leopard print bikinis.

Okay, you’re either the kind of guy who will watch movies involving lots of jungle stock footage, men in awful gorilla suits, and women in skimpy loincloths or you aren’t. Well, I’m that kind of guy and even I thought this movie was about as much fun as watching paint dry. Unfortunately, you can’t huff the fumes from this flick.

Untamed Women is filled with more scenes of people walking through the jungle, stock footage, and flashbacks than the rational mind can take. In fact, this flick is pretty much an entire hour worth of padding. And yes, I know, there is ONE sweet scene of jungle honeys dancing endlessly, but it wasn’t really worth the long ass build up. I did get a kick out of the hilariously dubbed native voices though.

AKA: Bowanga Bowanga. AKA: Bowanga Bowanga: White Sirens of Africa. AKA: Wild Women.

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