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Leo Rossi returns as detective Sam Dietz. This time out, he’s tracking a serial killer played by Miles (Cave Dwellers) O’Keeffe. He gets his rocks off by hanging people and writing Satanic messages on the wall. Dietz gets saddled with a slimy Fed (Ray Sharkey) to help him track the killer, but he may be holding a secret that could jeopardize Dietz’s investigation.

As with the first Relentless, all of the scenes of Dietz and his estranged wife (once again played by Meg Foster) slow the film down. Foster and Rossi aren’t necessarily bad, but their dialogue is perfunctory and it’s hard to really give a shit about their marital woes. Besides, their Lifetime Channel Original scenes take away from the business at hand; which is Miles O’Keeffe killing people. Director Michael (Cyborg 2) Schroeder does a fine job during the scenes of O’Keeffe stalking his victims, yet he handles all of the relationship scenes rather clumsily. Plus, the twist ending is pretty farfetched, which doesn’t help matters.

Miles O’Keeffe’s performance is the whole show here. He gives one of his greatest performances in this flick as the nearly silent, expressionless killer who strangles people without remorse and takes ice baths. O’Keeffe is quite intimidating and he gets a terrific fight scene at a construction site. If you’re an O’Keeffe fan, Relentless 2 will be worth the slog. If not, you’ll find Dead On to be off the mark.

AKA: Sunset Killer 2. AKA: Dead On. AKA: Relentless 2: Dead On.

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