The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

IN HOT PURSUIT (1977) **

This is a pretty typical Smokey and the Bandit rip off which benefits from a few good car crashes and stunts. Bobby and Don Watson star as Oosh and Doosh, two long haired pot smoking good ol’ boy redneck drug runners who in the film’s opening scene are chased by the police and get captured. They get thrown in jail, but don’t stay long because they make a pretty daring escape via helicopter. The boys then try to unload their shipment again, this time using a tractor trailer. This leads to another long chase with the cops, resulting in the film’s most incredible stunt in which the boys drive the tractor trailer through a house! They then rob an armored car and make a break for Mexico. Some good stunt work (the credits assure us that no stuntmen were used in the film) and sweet cop car pile-ups make up for the Watson’s serious lack of acting chops and the fact that the film never achieves the “hot” pursuit the title implies. It’s more like tepid pursuit.
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