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RELENTLESS 3 (1993) **

Detective Sam Dietz (Leo Rossi) is through with catching serial killers. It cost him his marriage and now he is perfectly happy doing his job from his desk. But when a necrophiliac serial killer (William Forsythe) begins brutally murdering women, Dietz is coaxed out of retirement to catch him.

William Forsythe gives an excellent performance as the scary serial killer. However, all of the scenes with Leo Rossi and his crappy social life really bogs the film down. I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to these Relentless movies, but it’s true. So far, all three Relentless films suffer from the same problem. Hopefully by the time they got to Part 4, they changed the formula up a bit. I highly doubt it though.

The early going of the film is rather strong. The sequence where Forsythe picked up his date, blindfolded her, and brought her home was well done and suspenseful. I even liked the part where he dressed up in drag to lure a cop into his trap. It’s just a shame that he doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time in the final act.

Again, Rossi doesn’t give a bad performance, it’s just that his character is poorly written. The early scenes of him coming out of retirement work, but once the movie introduces yet another woman for him to have a doomed relationship with, the whole movie kinda goes into the shitter. Maybe the filmmakers should’ve been Relentless about doing a rewrite.

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