The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

INSERTS (1975) ***

If you ever wanted to know what making a porno was like in the 30’s, then this movie is for you. Richard Dreyfuss (the same year as Jaws) stars as Boy Wonder, a reclusive piano playing alcoholic film director who used to be famous and now is reduced to making silent stag movies in his mansion. When his star (Alien’s Veronica Cartwright) OD’s, he briefly considers using her corpse to finish the movie, but decides to use the producer’s wife (Suspiria’s Jessica Harper) to do the “inserts”, or body double shots instead. This black comedy has a lot of shockingly frank nudity by Cartwright and Harper and an over the top performance by Dreyfuss. Twenty minutes were cut during it’s original release, but the DVD is the original 117 minute NC-17 version. Co-starring Bob Hoskins and Stephen Davies. Writer/director John Byrum also did the misunderstood The Razor’s Edge remake.
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