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ASSASSIN (1986) ** ½

A government agency experiments with using a cyborg assassin. When the cyborg learns the government is shutting down the program, he goes nuts and being killing the pencil pushers responsible. The government brass then hires Robert Conrad to stop the robot.

What we have here is basically a Made for TV rip-off of The Terminator. I know the plot description doesn’t really sound like James Cameron’s film, but there are a couple scenes that ape that flick very closely. Like the scene where the cyborg tracks down his target and finds her roommate instead. But what makes this part different is that this cyborg is anatomically correct, so he actually has sex with the roommate to get close to the heroine. Interestingly enough, I bet Cameron must’ve seen this on TV late at night because there are some bits that are reminiscent of Terminator 2. The way the cyborg runs really fast is not unlike the way the T-1000 runs and the scene where he hangs off the back of a speeding car is pretty close to the similar scene in Part 2.

I guess the flick is mostly notable because it stars the guy who played “Fedora” in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in the Arnold role. He’s not bad either. There’s a cool part where he kicks a desk and pins a secretary to the wall and the way he karate chops a book case and breaks every shelf is pretty badass. My favorite scene though comes where he uses a hot iron to smooth over the bullet holes in his stomach!

Directed by Sandor Stern (the man behind the cult classic, Pin), Assassin is kinda dull in spots and suffers from the same listless pacing you’d expect from a Made for TV movie. However, it does contain one genuinely surprising jump scare. That’s more than I can say for countless other movies I’ve watched this month.

Tags: a, action, sci-fi, tv
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