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LOGAN’S RUN (1976) **

Logan’s Run is not a movie about Wolverine getting a rip in his stockings. It’s about the future. And like nearly every movie about the future that was made in the 70’s, the society of the future just looks like a mall from the 70’s. If only we were so lucky.

Basically, the rules of the future society are thus: Life is fine and dandy when you’re young, but once you turn 30, you’re sent to this crazy place that looks like Cirque de Soleil Beyond Thunderdome where you fly around like you’re high on Willy Wonka’s Fizzy Lifting Drinks until you blow up in front of an auditorium of cheering citizens. Some people aren’t into this sort of scene, so they choose to “run”. Logan (Michael York) is a “sandman” who tracks down the thirtysomething rebels and kills them. He’s given a mission to infiltrate the runners, but he winds up running himself when he falls in love with a broad. Because she is played by Jenny Agutter, we totally understand.

This movie is uneven (the good parts are weighted towards the beginning), overlong (by a good thirty minutes), and derivative (the big “surprise” is more or less stolen from Planet of the Apes). The parts that revolve around Jenny Agutter running around in a flimsy nightie, getting wet, and/or getting naked were easily the highlights. But for every high, there’s inevitably two or three lows. (Peter Ustinov’s crazy cat hoarding cameo, the robot that wanted to turn Logan into a frozen TV dinner, etc.)

And I’m not entirely sure I “got” the message of this movie. It’s as if the filmmakers were trying to say that it’s OK to grow old or something. I’m not sure I totally agree. For example, if I got sentence to death at the age of 30, I would’ve missed out on Obama, Snooki, The Voice, and Gangnam Style. That is to say, I would not have missed much.

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