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MANIAC COP (1988) ***

You know, it kinda surprises me that it’s taken me nearly 25 years to finally see Maniac Cop. I mean, how did I miss a movie that was produced by the man who directed The Exterminator, written by the director of It’s Alive, and directed by the dude who did Maniac? Not to mention the fact that it stars Bruce Campbell, Tom Atkins, Robert Z’Dar, Hundra, Conan’s Dad, AND Shaft.

A killer in a cop uniform (Z’Dar) goes around New York killing citizens and working the city into an anti-cop frenzy. He kills Bruce’s wife and makes him take the fall for the murders. Meanwhile, Atkins investigates further and eventually learns the true origins of the Maniac Cop.

As good as the pedigree behind this movie is, I do have to say that it does leave something to be desired. For one, Bruce Campbell isn’t in it nearly enough for me as he spends most of his time moping behind bars. Once he finally gets out of jail and squares off against the Maniac Cop, it is pretty sweet though.

The film also suffers from a few lulls in between the action and the majority of the good stuff is weighted towards the end. The scene where Hundra is handcuffed to a dead cop and she has to drag his corpse around while eluding Maniac Cop was cool and the big stunt during the climax rocked. But with someone like William Lustig at the helm, I guess I was just expecting more… pizazz. And since Larry Cohen was at the word processor, I was hoping the social commentary would be a bit sharper; but oh well. But while the flick never quite lives up to its potential; it’s still entirely watchable and enjoyable.

Campbell’s Evil Dead cohort, Sam Raimi cameos as a newscaster.

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