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WRONG TURN 5 (2012) ** ½

The Wrong Turn series is one of the most durable DTV horror franchises around. While Wrong Turn 5 is one of the lesser entries in the series, it’s still delvers on the gory goods. Director Declan O’Brien, who also helmed Wrong Turn 3 and 4, must get a kick out of making these things and the way he breathlessly tries to toss in as many gore scenes as possible is admirable. And for good measure, he also gives us a healthy dose of T & A too. Because of that, the film gives the audience what they came to see, but precious little else.

Some pot smoking teens on their way to a concert run their car off the road to avoid hitting the patriarch of the Mutant Inbred Redneck Cannibal Hillbilly clan (Doug Bradley). They wind up hitting a tree and naturally, when the cops arrive on the scene, the teens get busted for the pot. The cops also arrest Bradley and take the lot of them to jail. It’s then only a matter of time before Bradley’s trusty cannibal sons come to bust him out.

With this set-up, the film had the potential to become Assault on Precinct 13 with Mutant Inbred Redneck Cannibal Hillbillies. However, O’Brien constantly cuts away from the main action to show a bunch of random people getting offed by the cannibals. While this certainly ups the body count, it also prevents the film from building up any momentum, or suspense for that matter. And while the flick is enjoyable for a while, it does get a bit cruel near the end, which diminishes a lot of the fun.

You gorehounds out there will probably eat this one up though. We get: Middle finger hacking, axe to the stomach, ear hacking, electrocution, sledgehammer to the kneecaps, a thresher attack, eye gouging, gut ripping, and a shotgun to the face. And despite my criticisms of the film, Wrong Turn 5 does feature the best use of the number five in an opening credits sequence (you just have to see it) as well as the best killer-feeding-a-hot-chick-her-own-guts scene in a Part 5 since A Nightmare on Elm Street 5; so it’s got that going for it.

Tags: horror, sequel, w, wrong turn series
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