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ONE MISSED CALL (2008) ** ½

Here’s another remake of an Asian horror movie (unseen by me). Unlike most of these bad boys, this one was actually kinda entertaining. I’m not saying it was “good” or anything, but I definitely got some laughs out of it. Chalk this one up under the “Almost, But Not Quite a Camp Classic” category.

You’ve all seen The Ring, right? Well, basically this is the same shit. Instead of a ghost girl killing people via a videotape, she kills people when they answer their cellphone. You know; I never understood why they didn’t make The Ring 2 about DVDs and part 3 about Blu-Rays, but never mind.

The usual shit you’d expect to happen in a movie like this happens (unfortunately), but there was a couple of things that made me laugh out loud. First was the scene where the ghost girl killed a chick by pulling her into a koi pond. That wasn’t too great, but the part where it pulled her CAT into the pond was fucking hysterical.

The other big scene that had me in stitches was the part where one girl hired a priest to perform an exorcism… on her PHONE! Folks, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. Of course, the only way this scene could’ve been better is if the phone puked pea soup, but what can you do?

One thing that surprised me about the film was the people in the movie were actually smart. They know a phone call will kill them, so they take the batteries out of their phone or smash it into a hundred pieces or throw it down a sewer grate or something. Of course, the phone still finds a way to kill them, but I liked that they at least TRIED to protect themselves.

One Missed Call falls apart in the third act once it tries to explain the whos and hows of the ghost’s origins. If it had kept up the goofy goodness of the first hour, the film could’ve been a real contender. Plus, the kills are kinda weak too (it was one of those PG-13 deals), except for the one Final Destination inspired moment. The good news is; Shannyn Sossamon was looking fine, so there are definitely worse ways to kill 85 minutes.

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