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Bruce Le stars in what was originally a sequel to Bruce Lee’s Way of the Dragon. Even though it’s supposed to be a sequel to Way of the Dragon, it plays more like a sequel to Fist of Fury. The villains are Japanese, just like in Fist of Fury and Bruce Le kicks a sign that says “No Chinese Allowed” just like Bruce Lee did in that film.

Japanese arms smugglers go around beating up and/or killing the lowly dock workers who unknowingly jeopardize their shipments. Bruce Le of course sets out to stop them. When the villains kill Bruce’s master, he goes out for his greatest revenge.

Personally, if you ask me, his greatest revenge was when he got revenge on that charging bull in Challenge of the Tiger, but that’s beside the point.

Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge is a bit pokey in the early going. Once Bruce’s master gets killed, it’s pretty much wall to wall chopsockey. Bruce is badass in this one. There’s a cool scene where he studies the movements of animals (snakes and monkeys) and incorporates them into his Kung Fu style. He also kicks some serious butt with his nunchucks too.

Bolo Yeung also turns up as the villain’s henchman. Some people crack their knuckles before a big fight. Bolo cracks his pecs. How badass can you get?

I usually don’t discuss the “quality” of the DVD presentation in my reviews, but I feel the need to address something about the Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge disc. It’s kinda wonky. You get about ten seconds of darkness in between every reel change, which is pretty odd. Plus, all the curse words are bleeped out. The only thing I can figure is that this disc was mastered from a TV print (which would mean the blackout sequences were used for commercial breaks). It didn’t deter my enjoyment of the film, but I thought y’all should know about it.

AKA: Way of the Dragon 2.


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