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The “true” Bruce Lee is in this movie for a little bit at the beginning. We see him in footage from a press conference and then again at his funeral. (There are also a couple of snippets here and there from Return of the Dragon late in the film too.) Then the narrator says, “This film is about another Bruce. Who looks a lot like Bruce Lee. He trains hard so that one day he may walk in the great man’s shoes.”

This is the rare Bruceploitation flick that is at least honest with the audience. Most movies from the genre try to pass their leading men off as the real deal. Because of that, I’ve got to give it some points.

Bruce Le plays an actor trying to make it big who just may or may not be the living incarnation of Bruce Lee. The producer of his latest film wants to kill him, so he convinces Bruce’s girlfriend to drug him. Bruce manages to survive the poisoning and goes after the men who tried to kill him.

The True Game of Death has a solid opener and a decent climax, but all the stuff in the middle just sorta sits there. It’s pretty boring and is unfortunately light on the chopsocky. You also have to deal with a long nightclub scene that seemingly goes on forever.

Once Bruce dons the patented yellow and black track suit for the finale, the film briefly comes to life. The scenes where he has to fight level by level like Game of Death are pretty good. Sadly, it’s too little too late. The best part of the movie though is Bruce’s sex scene. He gets drugged right before getting it on and while he’s in the throes of passion, he starts freaking out and convulsing out of control. It’s pretty hilarious.

Credits Watch: This movie was co-directed by “Steve” and co-stars “Alice”.


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