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In this incredibly dated and jingoistic spy thriller, John Hall plays the grandson of the original Invisible Man. The intense opening scene has Nazis threatening to cut off his fingers if he doesn’t give them the invisibility formula. Hall gets the upper hand and escapes. The U.S. government urges Hall to give them the formula and he refuses. After Pearl Harbor is bombed, he changes his mind, but only if they use the formula on him. He parachutes invisible behind German lines and meets up with double agent Ilona (Frankenstein Meets Wolf Man) Massey. Together, they help foil a bombing raid on New York. This Invisible Man uses cold cream to be seen instead of those cumbersome bandages. Also starring Peter (M) Lorre as a Japanese spy and Keye (Gremlins) Luke in a bit part. It’s pretty entertaining, but Universal Studios wisely returned to the original’s Invisible-Man-slowly-going-mad roots in the next entry of the series, The Invisible Man’s Revenge (also with Hall, but playing a different Invisible Man). Screenwriter Kurt Siodmak also wrote The Wolf Man.
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