The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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The original Invisible Man, with Claude Rains is a classic. The sequel, The Invisible Man Returns, with Vincent Price is a solid B Movie. This, the third in the series, is just a silly comedy. Model Virginia Bruce answers absent minded doctor John Barrymore’s ad to become invisible. She uses her invisibility to get back at her mean boss. She also falls for playboy John Howard and fights off gangsters who want to steal the formula. In the end, Bruce and Howard have an invisible baby. The goofy doctor, the bumbling butler, and the incompetent gangsters provide way too much (and not very funny) comic relief. At least the supporting cast, which includes Margaret (The Wizard of Oz) Hamilton and Shemp (The Three Stooges) Howard is fun to watch. Invisible Agent was next in the series.
Tags: comedy, i, sci-fi
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