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The original Anaconda was good because we got to see a list of big name stars and up and comers get turned into snake chow.  This time the biggest star is Morris Chestnut.  A team of pharmacologists go to Borneo to find “The Blood Orchid” which can give eternal youth.  “It’ll be bigger than Viagra!”  They hire a rugged captain (Johnny Messner) who has a dilapidated boat.  “She may be ugly, but she puts out!”  He also has a monkey that gets more screen time than any of the human actors.  After the boat goes over a waterfall (excellent effect), the team head deep into the jungle and are attacked by giant snakes.  “That was the biggest snake I’ve ever seen... BY FAR!”   Of course, the snakes are so big because they’ve been eating the blood orchids.  And of course, IT’S MATING SEASON.  “You trying to tell me there’s some snake orgy out in the jungle!”  There are also crocodiles and paralyzing spiders too.  It’s pretty much B Movie Gold.  The boat captain is like a character out of a 40’s movie and the female lead (Kadee Strickland from The Grudge) has a southern accent that completely disappears by the final reel.  And any movie that ends in a bunch of giant snakes in a “Mating Ball” is okay by me.  It just proves the rule that any movie that has “THE HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID” in the title is a good movie.  Directed by Dwight (Halloween 4) Little.

Tags: a, anaconda series, horror, sequel

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