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JASON X (2002) ***

Well it seemed like Jason was really dead. Two terrible sequels almost sent him into movie limbo. Jason Takes Manhattan? Audience takes a nap. Jason Goes To Hell? Audience tells him to stay there. But then, original creator Sean S. Cunningham says, “Hey, let’s send Jason to Outer Space!”

Jason in Space?

Sounds stupid.

It IS stupid.


Jason gets caught and tried for his crimes against humanity, but every time they try to execute him, he keeps coming back. David Cronenberg shows up and wants to keep him alive (I guess so he can star in his next movie). Hottie scientist Lexa Doig wants to cryogenically freeze him, and when Jason escapes and kills a bunch of people, she does just that, but ends up frozen with him.

Flash forward a couple hundred years to 2455. A crew of dumb space teens find them both, and thaw them out. Jason immediately returns to form by killing a chick in one of the most ingenious ways ever captured on celluloid. He cryogenically freezes her face and smashes it into a thousand pieces. Jason takes up his old ways and begins laying the smackdown on the futuristic teenagers.

In addition to killing a ship full of teens, he also takes out an entire marine squad. He even gets his own Virtual Reality scene set in his old stomping grounds of Crystal Lake where he gets to kill hot pot smoking lesbians with his patented sleeping bag against the tree move. In the film’s most over the top moment he battles a sexy cyborg. She blows him up real good, but unfortunately his carcass lands on a regenerating table that fuses his flesh with the steel table, turning him into a futuristic armor plated psycho in a metal mask.

Wow. Amazing. Bravo. B Movie Jackpot.

The deaths include people being cut in half, a chick being sucked through a sewer grate and impalement on a giant screw. “He’s screwed!” Jason’s next stop was battling long time rival Freddy. Directed by Jim (The Horror Show) Isaac.
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