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Don Dohler is kinda like Baltimore’s answer to Bill Rebane. He makes cheap, cheesy science fiction movies, but he makes them HIS way. Dohler has such a distinct style that when you watch a Don Dohler movie; you can always tell it’s a Don Dohler movie. The Alien Factor isn’t a great flick, but if you have a high tolerance for low budget ‘70s sci-fi movies that play like low budget ‘50s sci-fi movies, then it will be an OK watch.

A spaceship crash lands in a small town. A trio of aliens wanders away from the ship and start killing random townsfolk. The town’s great minds come together and figure out a way to stop them.

I admire the DIY attitude that went behind The Alien Factor. The special effects for the cosmos are well done, but it’s the monster make-up that’s the highlight. One monster looks like a giant cockroach and another looks like a cross between Cronenberg’s Fly and a gorilla. The stop motion creature at the end is pretty awful though.

The Alien Factor is fun in fits and starts, but the amateur cast pretty much sinks the flick. Their flat line readings and awkward screen presence makes even the simplest of scenes seem interminable. And because of that, it’s a LONG 79 minutes.

Here’s our friend Trash Film Guru’s review of the flick:

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