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A plane crash survivor is captured by cannibals who tie him up, play with his wiener and throw him in a cage. A sympathetic cannibal girl (How do we know she’s sympathetic? She’s the only hot one in the bunch!) helps him escape. Ruggero (The House on the Edge of the Park) Deodato directs in his usual ham fisted manner and delivers one or two decent gore scenes. Unfortunately, the real scenes of live alligators being gutted are more shocking. For cannibal completests only. Still if you want to see a cannibal woman give birth and bite her own umbilical cord, this is your movie! A young Lamberto (Demons) Bava worked on the script. Deodato did the infamous Cannibal Holocaust next.

AKA: The Last Survivor. AKA: Cannibal. AKA: The Lost Cannibal World.
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