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The great Robert Vaughn stars as the titular Teenage Caveman. He rebels against the older generation’s laws and dares to venture beyond the “Burning Plains” to find the “God That Gives Death With His Touch”. There he encounters giant lizards, quicksand, and eventually “The God” himself.

Teenage Caveman is one of the better Roger Corman efforts from the ‘50s. The film has its flaws, but it’s an interesting genre mash-up. It takes the usual ‘50s Juvenile Delinquent movie and transplants into a caveman setting. Think Caveman Without a Cause. (Or Rebel Without a Loincloth.)

Robert Vaughn’s bombastic performance is the best thing about the movie. He’s intense and has several good monologues where he challenges the older generation’s ways. I particularly liked the fact that Vaughn was able to keep his hair perfectly slicked back, even in caveman times.

Teenage Caveman is a bit slow in spots. The love subplot is pretty dull and since it’s a Corman flick, there’s too much padding. But the twist ending is pretty inventive and certainly raises the flick above the norm. (I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it echoes Planet of the Apes.) I also dug seeing stock footage from The She Creature and One Million B.C. in there too.

The 2002 Larry Clark remake is also well worth checking out, although it strays from the original a great deal.

AKA: I Was a Teenage Caveman.

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