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Here’s an obscure Edgar Allan Poe adaptation from England that was made more than a decade before the more famous Roger Corman production. Fans of Poe may be a bit divided on it as it’s not really faithful to the source material. And while it’s not exactly good or anything, it’s an interesting enough curio piece that at least has a handful of atmospheric moments.

An oddball brother and his hot sister are suffering from a mysterious disease. His buddy comes to visit them and after a bunch of standing around and talking, they discover a curse has been placed upon their bloodline. And the only way to end the curse is to decapitate their zombified mother who lurks in the family crypt.

The cinematography and camerawork are really well done, but the movie itself is rather lifeless. A few creepy shots aside (like the close-up of the old hag in a mausoleum), The Fall of the House of Usher is mostly dull. All the stuff with the killer crone works the best, but not much ever really HAPPENS. The opening sequence where a bunch of old men sit around telling each other spooky tales is pretty cool though. (It was probably the inspiration for Ghost Story.) But other than that, The Fall of the House of Usher is only worth a look if you absolutely HAVE to see every Poe movie ever made.

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