The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

KICKBOXER (1989) ***

After the success of Bloodsport, Jean Claude Van Damme starred in this hit that made him a bona fide action hero. It's like a kickboxing version of Rocky IV (with a little of Karate Kid 2 thrown in). When Van Damme's older brother is paralyzed in the ring by the ruthless fighter Tong Po, he takes up kickboxing to get revenge. He trains with an eccentric geezer who puts him through an unorthodox training method to prepare him for the big fight, while romancing the old dude's niece. The final battle takes place in an underground tomb and is fought in "The Old Way", with broken glass glued to the fighter's fists. A guy getting a giant hook to the nuts is the non-kickboxing action highlight. There's also several montages accompanied by some great cheesy 80's music. Van Damme also co-wrote the story and choreographed the fight scenes. Several Van Damme-less sequels followed.
Tags: action, k, kickboxer series, kung fu, van damme
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