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Peter Graves has fought some goofy aliens before, but these guys take the cake. They dress like Devo and have ping pong ball eyeballs. Brilliant. Graves stars as a nuclear scientist whose plane crashes over an A Bomb test site. He survives the crash with a scar on his chest and no memory of what happened. After he has dreams of eyeballs staring at him he goes out and steals some military secrets. When captured by his superiors, he’s given truth serum and he tells everyone that he died in the crash and the aliens brought him back to life and brainwashed him into helping them. They plan on conquering Earth and relocating here. Giant lizards, spiders and insects somehow figure into things too. After spinning that wild yarn and despite being under the influence of the truth serum, no one believes him. (Would you?) In the end, Graves takes matters into his own hands and blows up the aliens. The aliens are cheesy and Graves is hammy so the movie makes for a good omelet of low budget sci-fi fun. There’s also tons of stock footage too. There are worse ways to spend 70 minutes. Director Lee H. Wilder also directed The Omegans.
Tags: k, sci-fi
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