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CYBORG COP 3 (1996) * ½

David Bradley did not return for this third installment of the Cyborg Cop franchise. Instead we get Frank Zagarino and Bryan Genesse. In case you’re wondering, Bradley is sorely missed.

An anchorwoman does a story on the mysterious Delta Tech company. A scientist working for the company gives her a scoop that they are sticking cockroach DNA into humans to make them capable of surviving the apocalypse. They put the DNA into a cyborg named “Adam” (who isn’t even a cop for Christ’s sakes) and he goes haywire and starts killing people. It’s up to a couple of cops (Zagarino and Genesse) to bring him down.

Zagarino has the screen presence of a bowl of pretzels and Genesse’s voice is like having crumbled glass in your ear. The scenes of them living together play like a gay sitcom. Did I mention I missed David Bradley? He must’ve been out buying a new fanny pack or something.

Cyborg Cop 3 opens with a crop dusting chase scene. It has to be one of the worst chases ever filmed. Fortunately, the action gets a little better as the film goes along, but most of it revolves around cars exploding in parking garages. There is one enormous explosion at the end, but that doesn’t make up for the movie’s many transgresses.

I guess it goes without saying that this flick started life as another movie (Terminal Impact) and then got slapped with the title, “Cyborg Cop 3” at the 11th hour. I tried to keep that in mind throughout, but even knowing that going in didn’t help. Directed by Yossi (Merchant of Death) Wein, Cyborg Cop 3 is pretty inept in just about every regard. But despite the fact that the cyborg is not a cop (he’s a Phys. Ed. student!!!), there is at least one police station massacre scene that blatantly rips off The Terminator.

I don’t know why they didn’t go all the way with the cockroach idea. I mean you inject the guy with cockroach DNA just to turn him into a part-android machine. Wouldn’t it just be cooler to turn him into Cockroach Cop? It would’ve been a much better movie than this crap.

AKA: Terminal Impact.



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Nov. 20th, 2013 10:29 pm (UTC)
I have to disagree about Genesse and Zagarino, I thought they both made a great pairing together.
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