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Well, I just reviewed Maximum Force. I thought it was OK, but despite the fact that it contained Maximum Force, there still wasn’t enough Force for me. Thank God for Excessive Force 2: Force on Force, a film that has exactly three times more “Force” than Maximum Force.

Excessive Force 2: Force on Force is of course, an in-name-only sequel to the Thomas Ian Griffith flick. And while I miss the presence of Griffith, Stacie (Ghoulies 4) Randall is an acceptable substitute. She doesn’t have the charisma of T.I.G., but she is hot, so she has that going for her.

Randall plays an Army Investigator who is looking to get revenge on her former team who shot her in the head and left her for dead. The crew is now contracting for the Mob and are about to make a hit on a stool pigeon. Randall starts bumping off members of the team, which throws a serious monkey wrench into their assassination plans.

I liked Randall in this. She’s convincing in her Kung Fu scenes, even though they obviously used stunt doubles for a lot of it. She also looks good in skimpy clothes while kickboxing, which of course, helps. The only problem is that there’s really no one else in the flick that can hold a candle to her.

The film starts off solidly enough. And the finale where the bad guys storm a police station and blow lots of shit up is OK, even if all the random explosions get a bit numbing after a while. Plus, the Blurry-Vision POV shots of Randall’s constant migraines get to be too much at times.

Overall, I think Excessive Force 2: Force on Force is about on par with its predecessor. It doesn’t have that film’s great supporting cast, but I think it’s a better made film than the original. It’s not great, but as far as Part 2’s go, you can do a lot worse. And as far as movies with the word “Force” in the title go, this is about as good as it gets.

And here’s what our pals at Comeuppance Reviews had to say about the flick: http://www.comeuppancereviews.com/2012/08/excessive-force-ii-force-on-force-1995.html


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