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FOUR RODE OUT (1970) ** ½

An old timer finds out that his daughter (Sue Lyon) is the town slut and he promptly blows his brains out. A marshal (Pernell Roberts) rides into town looking to arrest one of her (many) conquests. Leslie Nielsen is a Pinkerton man who is also on the trail of Lyon’s bandito boyfriend. The three of them eventually join together to track him down and bring him to justice.

The print I saw must’ve been edited for TV because the sound goes out every time someone says the word “whore”. It’s especially funny during the scene where Lyon says the word about twelve times in one monologue. And speaking of Lyon, it was nice to see her still playing the seductive temptress number a few years after she starred in Lolita. And the fact that she was doing it in a western setting was sorta novel. And I was shocked to see that when she grew up (slightly) she looked a bit like Lindsay Lohan.

Four Rode Out is kinda by the numbers, but the interaction and mistrust between Roberts and Nielsen keeps it interesting. While it isn’t always successful, there are still enough oddball moments (like the impromptu wedding in the desert) to make it watchable. The solid performances by the three leads certainly help. Nielsen is especially good as the lecherous weasel of a lawman.

I could’ve done without Janis Ian’s character though. She plays a folk singer whose songs act like a Greek Chorus. Not only are the songs mostly terrible, they’re just there to act as filler during the transition scenes.

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