The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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LET’S GET HARRY (1987) ** ½

When directors (in this case Stuart Rosenberg) hate their film so much, they have their name removed and use the pseudonym “Alan Smithee”. Most of these movies are terrible, but this one is OK. If anything, it has a good cast blowing shit up.

When South American drug dealers take a U.S. ambassador and a plumber, Harry (Mark Harmon) hostage, America won’t negotiate. Harry’s brother Michael (Vision Quest) Schoeffling takes matters into his own hands by getting his drinking buddies and a crazed used car salesman (Gary Busey) together to buy a merc (Robert Duvall) to go get Harry. Rick (Top Gun) Rossovich, Glen (The Eagles) Frey, and Thomas F. (Back to the Future) Wilson are the others.

No matter what Rosenberg must have thought, it’s pretty entertaining and not boring. Also with Ben Johnson, Gregory Sierra, and a bit by David (Last House on the Left) Hess. It was co-written by Sam (The Steel Helmet) Fuller. Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home and Hellraiser: Bloodline were other movies “directed” by Smithee that weren’t too bad either.
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