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It’s not very good, but this is one of the first gory zombie movies in color. It was released five years before Dawn of the Dead and features some early make-up effects from Gianetto (Zombie) de Rossi. England’s Department of Agriculture creates a machine that makes pesky crop eating ants cannibalize each other. Little do they know, it also brings the dead back to life to eat the living. It takes over an hour for the zombies to do their thing, but there is some okay gut munching and a scene where a zombie bashes in someone’s skull with a tombstone. It’s boring, but at least it features a nonchalant tit ripping scene. Night of the Living Dead was the obvious inspiration, even down to the ending when the hero gets killed. This flick one-ups that ending by having him come back as a zombie though. A pretty mixed bag all in all.

AKA: The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue. AKA: Don’t Open the Window.
Tags: horror, l, zombie
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