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Warhol produced this alternately campy, sexy and gory flick.  Udo (Blade) Kier plays the doctor who has a male and female creature.  He wants them to mate so he can breed a race of super people.  Joe (Seeds of Evil) Dallesandro is the servant who gets it on with the doc’s wife while he’s busy in the lab.  In the film’s most outrageous scene Kier opens up the female’s monster’s innards and fucks her on the lab table and says, “To know death, you have to fuck life in the gall bladder!”  The over the top finale has the doc’s assistant literally eating out the female creature while the male stabs a spear through the doctor.  His gizzard hangs out (it was originally filmed in 3-D, so this scene really woulda been something in the theater) as the doc keeps yapping and yapping.  In the end, the male creature decides he doesn’t want to live anymore and rips his own guts out.  I love it.  Unfortunately, writer/director Paul (Trash) Morrissey can’t make the other parts of the film that don’t revolve around sex and gore work.  Don’t worry though, he still delivers enough tits and gore to keep you awake.  Morrissey followed with Andy Warhol’s Dracula.  

AKA:  Flesh for Frankenstein.

Tags: a, frankenstein, horror

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