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TRACKDOWN (1976) **

Jim Mitchum is a good old boy from Montana. His sister (Karen Lamm) runs away from home and goes sightseeing on Hollywood Boulevard. Almost immediately after she steps off the bus, she is drugged, gang raped, and sold into prostitution. Mitchum comes looking for her and gets a gangbanger (Erik Estrada) and a social worker (Cathy Lee Crosby) to help in his search.

Trackdown sounds like a good exploitation vehicle. It definitely has a solid premise, I’ll give it that. (It sometimes plays like Death Wish Meets Angel.) However, it never really delivers the goods as it plays things pretty safe. The T & A quotient is low, as is the gratuitous violence. Richard T. (Futureworld) Heffron’s pedestrian direction certainly doesn’t help as most of the action sequences are fairly lethargic (the sequence in an elevator shaft goes on forever). We do get an OK transvestite fight scene though.

Mitchum is pretty bland in the lead, but the film does benefit from some choice supporting performances. Estrada is quite good as the gangbanger with a heart of gold, and Crosby isn’t too shabby either as the feisty social worker. The movie really belongs to Anne Archer, who plays Mitchum’s sister’s pimp. Let me repeat that: ANNE ARCHER PLAYS A PIMP IN THIS MOVIE. Sure, the flick isn’t very good; however seeing the usually buttoned-up Archer playing a sleazy, skanky temptress is almost reason enough to track down Trackdown.



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