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This amiable remake of the 1974 classic starring Burt Reynolds is easy to stomach if you’re an Adam Sandler fan. He plays ex-quarterback Paul Crews, who after a wild night of intoxicated driving ends up in prison. The crooked warden (James Cromwell, in a role originally intended for Gary Oldman) wants him to put together a team of inmates to play against the guards at an inter-prison football game. Sandler and co-star Chris Rock are pretty funny, but many of the ex-football players (Michael Irving and Brian Bosworth) and ex-wrestlers (Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldberg, and Kevin Nash) steal their comedic thunder. Nash is especially hilarious as a guard who unwittingly takes female hormones. Reynolds also shows up as well as Nelly, William Fitchner and David Patrick Kelly. Director Peter Segal also did Anger Management and 50 First Dates with Sandler.
Tags: burt reynolds, comedy, l, remake
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