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THE WILD TEAM (1985) * ½

Umberto (Cannibal Ferox) Lenzi directed this dull and uneventful action flick. It’s far from the man’s best work. It plays like a lame knockoff of The A-Team or something. The action is poorly choreographed and the acting is bland. Plus, there’s nothing especially “wild” about the team either. I definitely wasn’t wild about the movie, that’s for sure.

A revolutionary’s son gets kidnapped at Carnival. The USA assembles a team to go in and rescue him. Once the revolutionary is killed, the team is left behind enemy lines to complete their mission without any outside aid.

The members of the team are fairly unremarkable and inconsequential. The one rugged guy is the leader, there’s a chick that is a demolitions expert, and a gratuitously Italian guy provides the painfully unfunny comic relief. There’s also a few other guys on the team, but I’ve thankfully banished them from my mind.

Because it’s Umberto Lenzi at the helm, there are a lot of scenes of people stopping their march through the jungle to check out random stock footage. We also have to contend with scenes of women and children being gunned down (it’s done in pretty poor taste) and hang gliding scenes that seemingly go on forever. Not to mention the fact that the annoying kid hangs around getting on everyone’s nerves for half the flick.

The Wild Team moves at a snail’s pace, but if you stick with it, you’ll get to see a lot of bamboo huts blow up. There are also a couple of big explosions during the finale, and we also get a decent arrow through the neck scene in there as well. And while none of this comes close to salvaging the movie, it’s enough to save it from getting a One Star rating.

AKA: Thunder Squad.

Here’s Cool Target’s review of the flick:

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