The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

COBRA MISSION (1986) ** ½

Three restless Vietnam vets want to make a difference. They get hired to go back to Vietnam to rescue some soldiers who are missing in action. Naturally, they face sadistic Viet Cong soldiers, but also have to deal with evil American bureaucrats who want the mission to fail.

Cobra Mission is a better than average Italian Namsploitation picture. The early scenes of the disaffected Nam vets failing to cope with civilian life worked the best. I particularly liked the scene where Christopher Connelly spent his daughter’s wedding day playing Pole Position! There’s also a pretty good scene where he and his Vietnam vet buddies blow off the reception to beat up some WWII vets in a bar.

Once the action switches over to Nam, the film gets more and more routine. But just because it doesn’t feel as fresh as the early scenes, doesn’t make this section of the film a total loss. We have Donald Pleasence playing a gun-running priest who supplies the team with weapons and speaks in a funny French accent. There’s also an icky scene where a Vietnamese prostitute shows off her napalmed chest. And while some of the jungle scenes tend to drag in spots, Connelly and his men blow up lots of bamboo huts, so things never bog down too badly. It’s just a shame that the abrupt ending ends everything on a puzzlingly awkward note.

AKA: Operation Nam. AKA: Commando Cobra.

Tags: action, c, donald pleasence

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