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THE LOVE FEAST (1969) ***

Ed Wood stars in this hour long color nudie movie as a horny guy (“I love girls! GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!”) who has models come to his house where he cons them into getting naked so he can photograph them and eventually get them in bed. Unfortunately just as he’s about to put the make on a girl, another model rings the doorbell and comes in, interrupting him. They keep piling up in the bedroom until a comic orgy ensues, but the running joke of the movie is that Wood never gets to finish the deed. In the end, the models rebel and turn Wood into their “submissive subject” by making him wear a dog collar, high heels and a nightie and force him to lick their boots.

Wood looks pretty bloated due to rampant alcoholism (he’s seen taking a few nips here and there) and seeing him running around in his tightie whities is not a pretty sight but he’s entertaining to watch. His best line is when he tells one of the models, “Go ahead have a ball… or TWO!” The entertaining opening credits are painted on the models Laugh-In style.

Director Joseph F. Robertson also produced such classics as The Crawling Hand and The Slime People before settling down and doing skin flicks full time. Wood also was in Robertson’s Mrs. Stone’s Thing the next year.

AKA: Pretty Models All in a Row. AKA: The Photographer.
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