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I never saw Top Fighter 1, but apparently it was a documentary about the leading martial arts action stars of the early ‘90s. This sequel focuses exclusively on the female action stars. This is a terrific idea for a documentary, but I just wish it had been put together with more competence.

The film is very cut-and-dry. Poorly filmed interviews of the actresses are followed up by long excerpts from one of their films. The formula gets stale early on and the monotony of the whole set-up more or less ruins what could’ve been an informative and entertaining documentary.

The best parts center around Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock, and Angela Mao. Their interviews are by far the most entertaining. Sadly, the clips they show aren’t always the best (most of Mao’s scenes are just clips from trailers). It’s interesting to see some of the lesser known actresses interviewed, although their broken English and/or interpreters kinda prevents their interviews from being very informative.

I also wish there was a caption telling you what movies the clips came from. While a lot of the clips are lackluster, there were a couple of eye-popping action sequences here and there (I’m specifically thinking of the fully nude Kung Fu scene). If I knew what movies they were from, I’d definitely track them down and check them out.

AKA: Top Fighter 2: Deadly China Dolls.

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