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Reality Kills is a terrible reality show horror movie. It’s especially disappointing considering it was directed by the great Rafal Zielinski. He’s the man who directed the iconic Screwballs. Zielinski has seen better days, that’s for sure.

A group of annoying people gather at a deserted house to star on a Real World-inspired reality show. Predictably, there’s a psycho killer on the loose bumping off the contestants one by one. No one knows who to trust and pretty soon, the contestants suspect each other of being the killer.

As far as reality show horror films go, Reality Kills is definitely one of the most annoying ever made. The contestants aren’t likeable in the least as they sit around arguing and hurling slurs at each other. And the scenes where the contestants look directly at the camera and talk to the audience are really grating on the nerves. These scenes just make you hate the characters even more.

The killer is one of those Somebody-Obviously-Saw-Scream deals as he wears a black robe and dumb mask. That wouldn’t really matter if the kills weren’t so damn weak. The killer just shoots his victims with a Taser gun before sticking them with a hypodermic needle. And the stalking scenes themselves are lame too as the killer carries around a camera when he kills people. So on top of everything else shitty with the movie, you have to put up with a lot of shaky-cam nonsense too.

Sticky Fingaz is the only “name” in the cast. (Unless you count Nate Dushku, Eliza Dushku’s brother, that is.) Sticky plays the producer of the reality show. If anything, Reality Kills will go down in history as the only film in which Sticky Fingaz gave the best performance.

AKA: Reality Check.

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