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A mountain climber freaks out at Thanksgiving and slaughters his family at the supper table before hanging himself. 20 years later, an internet entrepreneur sets up a Halloween: Resurrection-style fake haunted house in the home to be broadcast on the net. Six contestants (one of whom is Josh Folan from All God’s Creatures) go into the house and hold a séance which brings the killer back to life. Pretty soon, he starts hacking up the competition one by one.

The opening Thanksgiving dinner massacre scene is pretty cool. However, the set-up surrounding the haunted house and webcast is laborious. The scenes in the house aren’t much better as most of the characters are annoying.

On the plus side, there is a good amount of nudity on display, as well as some girl on girl action. Krista Grotte is pretty amusing as the silicone-enhanced porn star, Velvet Luv, who gets paid a bonus for getting it on with the contestants. The gore is also adequate as we get severed heads, gut ripping, face bashing, head stomping, and brain excavating.

It all doesn’t add up to much, but it is at the very least watchable. In fact, if it wasn’t for the gore and nudity, it would be totally worthless. Admittedly, the whole haunted webcast thing isn’t my favorite kind of horror movie, but Death on Demand is slightly better than the usual tripe.

Tags: d, horror

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