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DON JON (2013) ***

Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a guy that’s about one broken chromosome away from being a Jersey Shore cast member. He works out, goes to clubs, hooks up with girls, and beats his meat to porn on a daily basis. Jon meets this hot babe (Scarlett Johansson) and its love at first sight. Their bliss is interrupted when she leaves him after she finds out his been watching porn behind her back. Jon’s free-spirited classmate (Julianne Moore), who is dealing with her own issues, doesn’t think watching porn is such a big deal and together they learn a thing or two from each other.

You can easily see where Don Jon is headed from frame one. There are really no surprises here in terms of plot as the film is essentially the same old romantic comedy formula with the addition of porn addiction to the mix. What is surprising is the candidness and frankness of which Gordon-Levitt gives the subject matter. There are moments of brutal honesty on display here that few films really talk about (especially concerning watching porn) and JGL pulls no punches, which is extremely refreshing.

Don Jon is Gordon-Levitt’s first film as a director and it instantly makes you want to see another film from him. He’s a born filmmaker and shows a lot more confidence than most first time directors. The sequences dealing with Jon’s gym-cleaning-clubs-porn rituals have a Scorsese kind of vibe to them and he is able to make simple dialogue scenes seem fresh.

He also delivers a pretty good performance too. Johansson is solid as well (especially considering her one-dimensional character) and Moore is excellent as always. But it’s Tony Danza who completely steals the movie as Jon’s overbearing father. He gets some of the biggest laughs of the entire flick. Hopefully, this will lead to a big screen comeback for him because the man is awesome in this. Plus, there are some pretty funny cameos in the rom-coms that Johansson forces Gordon-Levitt to watch.

Tags: comedy, d, drama

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